What does education means to us?

We facilitate production and diffusion of free knowledge, either within our ecosystem than out of it. We call Internal Education the section in which we dedicated to collect and distributed Tactics and Tools. We call External Education a parallel project structured as a complete e-learning Platform! (check on the right and

Circular Fair Economy

As ecosystem we aimed to setup a toolkit for real circular economy

Blockchain & Cryptofinance

The art of creating and managing our cryptocurrency

Inclusion and Human Care

The glocal reach of FairCoop project brings together diverse subjectivities to be assembled together

Politics, Philosophy & Ethics

We are moved by common principles combining theories and practices

... knowledge is distributed across a network of connections, and therefore that learning consists of the ability to construct and traverse those networks.
— Stephen Downes, learning and new media philosopher


We create and forge knowledge

Our ecosystem is the place from which to start over. Conspiring and breathing together is our goal (a bit freak, it's provisional)!

We could show a Video or presentation here


Like-Minded Projects

Here's a space for those projects with whom we collaborated in different ways or share the same ground rules